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The year's top upcoming smartphones in the UK

iPhone 14 Most probably will release in September 2022:

Although the iPhone 14 won't likely be released until September, we have our first information on what to anticipate from the following Apple flagship.

According to renderings based on leaks obtained by Jon Prosser, the contentious notch will be eliminated, at least on Pro versions, and will be replaced by a punch-hole camera with the rest of the Face ID technology buried behind the display.

The camera lenses are now flat against the body, which was made possible in part by making the phone itself thicker. Round volume buttons are back.

Asus unveiled the Zenfone 9 on July 28:

This is another slim 5.9-inch Android flagship phone that nevertheless has 120Hz AMOLED technology within. With RAM that can reach 16GB, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU is also no slouch, making it a portable powerhouse. The set is completed with a sizable battery and gimbal-stabilized camera.

Motorola Razr - Likely to release Soon: 

The first Razr was followed by a 5G version, so this will be the third foldable Razr. We're looking for a more streamlined design and improved specifications that will make it a genuine flagship rival to Samsung's offering.

The company has officially stated that the 10T will go on sale this month. 

OnePlus is now working on another flagship for this year. The question of whether this was a brand-new OnePlus 10 Ultra or the long-lost OnePlus 10 was in dispute, but now the company has verified the 10T moniker and teased the phone to the press (including Tech Advisor) with containers of, well, tea. Both black and green tea, which likely reveals something about the colours of the phone as well.

Even though OnePlus has only announced that the phone would employ the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, leaker renderings like the one above indicate that the 10 Pro will look identical to it in terms of specifications. In addition, we anticipate 150W charging, an improvement over the Pro, even if the camera and panel are probably going to have somewhat lower specs.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be released on August 10, 2022, at the now-confirmed Unpacked event. 

Samsung hasn't officially acknowledged that it's working on another Z Flip, but it has been widely hinted that one is in the works.

According to rumors, the tablet will be the same size, but Samsung is reportedly striving to make it lighter, while also enhancing the hinge and increasing the IPX8 water resistance.

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