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How does electric car works?

When talking about the electric car the first thing that comes to our mind is nothing else but TESLA. Yes, Tesla. Today we will try to explain the working principle of tesla electric cars and will try to understand it in the easiest possible way.

Tesla’s Fundamental Design:

A Tesla, in its most basic form, is a battery pack linked to a computer and electric motors. The vehicle is entirely electric, with no liquid or solid fuel used. Electric drive eliminates combustion, which eliminates pollution—at least from the car itself.

On the outside, the fundamental components of a Tesla are the same as those of any other car. They have standard production wheels, tyres, and other common automotive parts. Under the hood, however, Tesla comes with more storage or say space than ordinary cars.

As an example, consider an all-wheel-drive vehicle, Tesla vehicle is equipped with four large electric motors, one for each wheel, depending on road conditions and driver input, these drive motors can work together or independently.

The motors are coupled to the car's chassis, which has a unibody design. That implies that Tesla does not have a separate frame that supports the driveline; instead, the frame of the car is the car itself, as is the case with most current sedans (and some SUVs).

The batteries, which store the power required to move the car, are located between the motors. These batteries are hidden and only need to be replaced on occasion. The batteries also power the sophisticated systems that regulate everything from driving to the climate control systems inside a car.


Tesla vehicles lack a single huge battery. Instead, hundreds of smaller batteries are joined together to provide electricity. These are lithium batteries because they can store a lot of energy and charge quickly.

So, what kind of little batteries comprise the large Tesla batteries? You might know them if you've worked with electronics before. Tesla's batteries are 18650 lithium-ion cells, which are routinely found in everything from remote-controlled aeroplanes to mobile charging packs.

Why are Tesla Cars Different from Other Electric Cars?

Tesla vehicles are not your usual electric vehicles. Tesla's sophisticated mechanical and electronic systems are significantly more advanced than the conventional plug-in automobile, putting them in a completely other class. Another important feature of Tesla is that all of its models can be ordered online and custom-built.

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