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TELUS Canadians' connectivity

When you consider that the second-largest nation in the world is 9.98 million square kilometres in size, this is no small accomplishment for TELUS, which was acknowledged as having the world's fastest wireless network in 2020. The corporation has yearly sales of CAN$16 billion.

Sustainability must be prioritised above all else in a nation that runs from the Atlantic to the Pacific. By connecting Canadians in need, committed to being a zero waste, carbon neutral corporation by 2030, and working "to create the future friendly, together," TELUS donates 5% of its income back to the community. TELUS was recognised as the most charitable corporation in the world for combining compassion with industry-leading technology to promote social change and extraordinary human outcomes.

More than 70% of Canadians will have access to TELUS' quick 5G network, which offers speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps, by the end of the year. According to estimates, 5G would generate 250,000 jobs and $150 billion in economic output in Canada over the next 20 years, which might be crucial for the country's budgetary recovery.

TELUS Principal Technology Architect/Network Softwarisation Lead at TELUS, is eager to explore how network softwarization and cloudification are defining the company's digital strategy. "If I had to define what TELUS provides in one word, I would say connectivity," he stated.

The definition of connectivity in the sector has changed from a straightforward physical connection to one in the context of linked societies and connected citizens, said Tizghadam. As a result, TELUS also offers Internet of Things (IoT), network slicing, smart cities, and agricultural and health-related technological solutions. The need for connectivity should now be ranked alongside demands for food and shelter in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and TELUS is working to make sure that everyone who needs it is connected.

According to Nazim Benhadid, vice president of network infrastructure and virtualization at TELUS, "Digital transformation and automation open a world of possibilities that, combined with our strong culture and the dedication of our team members, allow us to spearhead innovation and deliver exceptional results to our customers."